Monday, January 31, 2011

classwork for 1_31_10


Project 1.2_Inspiring Images

I've always found the internal anatomy of humans and animals extremely beautiful. Something about the vivid color and visceral nature of it has always been a draw. Chaim Soutine captured this very well.

Francis Bacon. Hands down my favorite painter. His spooky aesthetic and dark imagery is a huge inspiration on my own work.

Damien Hirst. Another artist who's imagery I associate with. Still not sure how i feel about him as an artist, but his work has always captured my attention.

Irreversible. A disturbing, yet beautiful film about revenge. The direction, cinematography, and score are top-notch and create an uncomfortable and anxious atmosphere that i would like to be able to create with my own work.

Graffiti. Used to paint myself, but not worth the risk anymore. Too old. Still a huge passion though, and seeing walls like this with just layers and layers of work is always inspiring.

My favorite painting from this era. Sargent- Madame X. The composition and palette has always grabbed my attention. The controversy behind the piece was also super interesting.

Maoist poster. Communist China. Say what you want about communism, but you have to admit...those guys had fuckin' style.

new york alleyway at night. Always been attracted to places like this. Kind of scary, but exciting at the same time. Great atmosphere.

Tadanori Yokoo. Found this guy when i was doing research for broadsides in Design 3. Amazing composition, color, and imagery.

Visuel Goyte. Again, blood is beautiful. Had never heard of this artist, but stumbled across the image and loved it.